Filthy Sentiments brings to you the most unique rude and funny birthday cards & gifts. Whether you want to offend a loved one on their special day or simply make them belly laugh, Filthy Sentiments is for you! 

We have a large range of lockdown birthday cards and self isolation cards. Check out this amazing friend lockdown card

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Funny birthday cards, abusive balloons, profanity pens, adult keyrings and rude gifts are just some of the filthy items that Filthy Sentiments brings to you. Our greeting cards are full of banter.

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Imagine your friends face when you hand them a bunch of abusive balloons telling them to have a "Happy fucking birthday" or even better, telling them they are an "old cunt". Filthy Sentiments loves to shock your loved ones, like never before! Do you want to make sure that your birthday card stands out from the rest? Then you need to get your hands on our Filthy Sentiments adult humour birthday cards.

Do you want to treat yourself? Fed up of your shit friends not getting you a gift you really want? Then why not get yourself a rude  gift? Do you want to brighten up your boring fridge? Do you want to adorn your fridge with some filth? Then why not grab yourself a beer bottle top fridge magnet? Whether you need daily inspiration from our filthy quotes or you need to remind yourself that the yummy chocolate inside will lead to a lifetime on the hips... A filthy fridge magnet is your answer!

Are you sick of your colleagues being pen thieves? Do you want to subtly tell them to "fuck off?", then you need a profanity pen in your life! Whether you want to mark your territory with a "My fucking pen" pen, or tell people you're just to busy with a "fuck off, I'm busy" pen, these are for you! Our profanity pens don't just say what you're thinking, they write pretty fucking good too! It might just be time to tell that particular pen thief that they need to hand back your pen NOW! If so, then you definitely need the "Give me my pen back... cunt" pen, this stationery is definitely for you and your office!

Do you want to get your friend a banter birthday card? A rude card for him and a funny card for her, we have them all! 






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