*Profanity Pen Winners*

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Thank you to everyone who entered!

Did you know we put a freebie in 1 in 10 parcels that we post!? Every time you buy from us there's a chance that you'll be a winner!

Please continue to support Filthy Sentiments by liking & sharing the page & its content.

For those who haven't won use code SMILE for a lovely discount off EVERYTHING on our website...

The 10 winners are:

Helen rippingle (give me my pen back cunt)

Nadeen lister (finders fucking keepers)

Jenni Holmes (this meeting is shit)

Claire Gray (surprise pen) 

Vikki Dean (my fucking pen) 

Becky gooders Goodwin ( fuck write off dickhead)

Liane Collins (my fucking pen)

angela cowlard (fuck write off cunt) 

Megan green (give me my pen back cunt) 

kayleigh Renton (fuck off I'm busy) 

The winners should contact us on Facebook to claim their prize! 

keep posted for more amazing prizes! 

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